About Me

My name is Luke Kirkbride and I run Offhand Photography. I specialise in providing punchy & exciting images to private and commercial clients including local businesses, events and attractions.



I pretty much fell into photography by accident, while I was studying for my Bachelor's degree in film & TV production.
I began to take photos in between my coursework, especially on my travels. It was at this time I noticed I had my own style and eye for detail.

Since graduating, I formed Offhand Photography due to the increasing amount of opportunities and demand to showcase North Wales as a leading spot for tourism and entrepreneurial pursuits. 

I always aim to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process and, as a friendly and easy-going person myself, I’m quick to build a connection with my clients.

So If you’re looking for a talented and reliable photographer with the technical expertise and creative flair to produce outstanding images, let’s work together!